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Linking panoramas to create a 360° VR tour

You can link the panoramas in Step 2 of the tour creation (“Linking”).

1. Choose the floor (1) and the picture you want to use (2). Then, click on the + button (“Link Room / Add Infopoint”) (3) and pull the hotspot to the right spot where you want to connect the next pictures.


2. Now choose the picture you want to connect. You successfully connected the two pictures.


See below a GIF showing this process in action.


Repeat this process until you connected all the pictures of your tour.


Ogulo TipClick on the hotspot you just created. You will be lead to the picture you just connected. Now create another hotspot leading back to the initial picture. This way you won’t forget to connect the pictures both ways and the visitors won’t be stuck in a room.


Setting Hotspots on Floorplans

If you have uploaded a floorplan you can also place hotspots on your floorplans. This allows the tour visitors to navigate your tour not only via the hotspots but also using the floorplan.

Simply, click on the + symbol (1) and place the hotspot on the floorplan and choose the right panorama (2).

Repeat this process for each floor until you have placed all pictures on your floorplans.

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